Financial appraisal methods

Project B would be preferred as per the yard stick of PI method. These will be enshrined within a written contract and will ensure that work will be completed to an agreed quality standard - and that payments will me made on agreed dates.

Economic & Financial Appraisals

The recurring costs of using facilities as well as the capital costs of creating them should be taken into account, particularly if they differ between alternative options. In cost-benefit analysis all of the relevant costs and benefits, including indirect costs and benefits, are taken into account.

Economic & Financial Appraisals

Discounted Payback Period Method: Compared to other investment appraisal techniques such as the IRR and the discounted payback period, the NPV is viewed as the most reliable technique to support investment appraisal decisions. It is important to take into account the level of disaggregation of project inputs and benefits — sensitivity analysis based on a mix of highly aggregated and disaggregated variables may be misleading.

Sensitivity analysis An important feature of a comprehensive CBA is the inclusion of a risk assessment. The calculation of the discount rate can be based on a number of approaches including, among others: These techniques can also be used in the evaluation process.

Judgments regarding the scoring of investment options should be based on objective, factual information. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. These can provide interesting insights such as what change s would make the NPV equal zero or alternatively, by how much must costs or benefits fall or rise, respectively, in order to make a project worthwhile.

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The relative importance of objectives and criteria to achievement of the project will vary from sector to sector. An example task Candidates are given a fictional company and then asked to make a preliminary evaluation and recommendation for venture capital.

It is often used in health appraisals. For example, for capital projects requiring an Exchequer commitment over the medium to long-term, operating and maintenance costs should always be examined. The Joints Contract Tribunal JCT suite offers a broad range of options covering all types of construction work likely to be carried out under any given project.

A high discount rate would reduce the net present value of capital. If a choice has to be made between Project A and Project B because they are operationally mutually exclusive, the project chosen will depend upon the appraisal method used, because conflicting ranking will occur.

Sensitivity analysis requires a degree of exploratory analysis to ascertain the most sensitive variables and should lead to a risk management strategy involving risk mitigation measures to ensure the most pessimistic values for key variables do not materialise or can be managed appropriately if they do materialise.

However this method presents obvious drawbacks which prevent the ranking of projects.

Financial Appraisal Methods

Building Maintenance Management, Second Edition Published Online: 15 APR Summary. Free Essay: In this assignment I will be identifying the main capital appraisal techniques and evaluate them by showing their strength and weaknesses.

Then. Capital Investment Appraisal / Appraisal Techniques. Capital investment appraisal, also known as capital budgeting is primarily a planning process which facilitates the determination of the concerned firm's investments, both long term and short term.

Economic appraisal is a more comprehensive method of analysing project costs and benefits than financial appraisal.

Economic appraisal uses either cost benefit analysis or cost effectiveness analysis to assist decision makers to choose between. Document Summary: This document outlines the main appraisal methods and techniques which should be used as part of the Public Spending Code.

It provides a brief introduction to each technique and contains reference material at the end of the document. This form of appraisal differs from financial appraisal because financial appraisal. General Financial Appraisal is a method used to evaluate the viability of a project by assessing the value of net cash flows that result from its implementation.

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Financial appraisal methods
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Financial Appraisal